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  1. We are a soft-spike facility. Metal spikes were banned in 1998. HeatherGlen will replace your metal spikes with a green friendly alternative. Please be at the course 30 minutes before your tee time to have this done.

  2. We have a dress code: Dress restrictions are in effect at all times on the golf course and premises. No work jeans, gym shorts, sweat pants, muscle shirts or offensive T-shirts.

  3. Weather policy: Tournaments will only be deemed unplayable due to extreme weather. This decision will be made by the golf course staff only. All decisions are final. All banquets must be held as scheduled, regardless of weather.

  4. Our liquor policy: No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the golf course unless purchased from HeatherGlen, as per AGLC regulations. This policy will be strictly enforced.

  5. Food and beverage products: All food and beverage products must be supplied through HeatherGlen.

  6. Use of a power cart: In the case of prepaid power carts, the tournament organizer must represent that all participants in control of a power cart are familiar with the use of the cart. The organizers further agree to hold HeatherGlen Golf Course and all of its agents free of any liability or claims that may arise from the use of this cart.

  7. Speed of play: Maximum time permitted to play a hole should not exceed 15 minutes. This will produce a 4 1/4 hour round. The course marshal has the right to move groups, have players pick up on a hole, and remove players from the course.